The book She dressed slowly (2023) contains a selection of twenty years of work by Hinke Schreuders, providing a cross-section of what she made during that period. Starting with her recent works, the viewer is taken back in time to Schreuders' first embroidered works from 2003. In an essay Robbert Roos, director of Kunsthal kADE, places the work in an art historical perspective and shows where the common thread runs. In addition, Hinke Schreuders gives her own view of the work in an interview about her working methods and themes.

Typographic designer Caroline de Lint made the design. Together with Hinke Schreuders she dreamed up a linen book cover, on which the title is embroidered in blue and white thread. The interior, on matte paper, shows Schreuders' intricate pieces, close-up details, and a number of exhibition images. At the end of the book, the texts about her work are grouped together in a separate section, printed in silver on dark blue.

The title of the book, She dressed slowly, is taken from a series of works that Hinke Schreuders based on sentences from the novel l'Histoire d'O. It refers to the women in her work, but also to the layering techniques she uses, and the slowness inherent to her creative process.

She dressed slowly [embroidered hardcover, 164 pages] can be ordered via email >>.

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